Luther called her the "boss of Zulsdorf after the name of the farm they owned, and the "morning star of Wittenberg" for her habit of rising at.m.20 The way Luther described Katies actions and the names he gives her like My Lord Katie shows us that he really did feel strongly that she exhibited a great amount of control over her own life and decisions.

His will could not be executed because it did not conform with Saxon law.30ff; Jürgen Wagner in FFM (2006.

Stephanie 's face which has black eyebrows, blue eyes, and pink-purple lips.The Reformation: A Narrative History Related by Contemporary Observers and Participants, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1979.It is also possible that Katharina was the daughter of a Jan von Bora auf Lippendorf and his wife Margarete, whose family name has not been established.