She thought her breasts had looked ridiculous, and she was always uncomfortable showing herself naked".She cares for Asuna very much, and despite having a chance to tell Kirito how she feels she backed off because she knew that Asuna already had feelings for Kirito, before she met him.

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Her three sizes are 86, 64,.By the end of the novel, she tracks Zalachenko to his farm, where he shoots her in the head and has Neidermann bury her alive.Superhuman strength and speed, Mace user, Flight, Blacksmithing (In-Game).

8 She has a large tattoo of a dragon on her back that runs from her shoulder, down her spine, and ends on her buttocks.Retrieved August 7, 2016.Loner who makes a living as a computer hacker." 17 Jennie Punter in Queen's Quarterly wrote that "the diminutive, flat-chested, chain-smoking, tattoo-adorned, anti-social, bisexual, genius computer hacker Lisbeth Salander" has become "one of the most compelling characters in recent popular fiction".