EnglishAnd that is that the central moral challenge of this century is gender inequity.EnglishSo I had this idea that oxytocin might be the moral molecule.

Hva er etikk og moral

kjærligheten i 1 Kor 13 den greske tradisjonen fra Platon og Aristoteles. Vi kan ikke la være å bli engasjert av etiske spørsmål. Hva er moral og etikk? Publiseringen

EnglishAnd this then has given rise to unprecedented and unexpected moral controversy.2 ethical, moralizing, moralistic: Questions of right and wrong are a subject for moral philosophy.Behaviour, conduct, mores, belief, habit(s custom(s practice(s principle(s scruples, ethics, ideals, standards; probity, morality, rectitude, integrity: For this appointment, we require a person of the highest morals.

It is a moral, not a legal, issue.EnglishI want to know if there was a moral molecule.