Isak gets grumpy about the comments Eskild makes about living with him and he then tells them they will have to find a sollution because there's 4 of them in a 3-person flat.Relationships Romantic relationships After originally hooking up with Vilde, William gained interest in Noora when she confronted him about his behaviour towards Vilde.

William og noora

av «Skam» tar de igjen på kunnskap om hvordan ungdom og samliv fungerer. Gjennomgående for forholdet mellom Noora og William, er at Noora har antatt negative ting om William

Open Air International Film Festival in Germany, Aug 2003, Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt, Oct 2003, Flanders International Film Festival in Belgium, Oct 2003, Golden Elephant International Film Festival in India, Nov 2003, Cork International Film Festival in Ireland, Oct 2003, 8 Foil International.Her warmth that is inside her is everything.

They reach tranquility through their spiritual ascension.Noora corrects him stating she wasn't dumped but that she was the one who left him.Eva asks if Noora is serious which she denies, but she says if would be cool if it were true.