The papers often"d the strikers with their New York accents depicted as an eye dialect, using such sayings as "Me nobul men is all loyal." 28 Louis "Kid Blink" Baletti edit The face of the strike was Louis "Kid Blink" Baletti."July 27, 1899: "Salvation Lassies Wouldn't Sell Them".He was also a well-known amateur prize fighter at the local athletic clubs.

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3: Youse an' yer noble scrap: On strike with the Newsboy Legion in 1899." in Big Town, Big Time.(2001) Boyhood in America: An encyclopedia.49 Some decades later, the introduction of urban child-welfare practices led to improvements in the newsboys' quality of life.

Retrieved 14 February 2008.They bought papers at 50 per hundred, and sold them at 1 each for a profit of half a cent per paper.