Teres may refer to: Anatomy: Odrysian rulers: Teres I, the first king of the Odrysian state of Thrace (reigned 475-445 BC).Maculata, a plant pathogen, elimia teres, a species of freshwater snail.

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Geography: Teres Ridge, a ridge of elevation 330 m near Siddins Point on the Hero Bay coast of Livingston Island, Antarctica.Teres III, king of the Odrysians in Thrace.Teres II, king of the Odrysians in middle Thrace from 351 BC to 342 BC, succeeding his father, Amatokos.

Given name: Teres Shulkowsky (born 1989 an Israeli football defender currently playing for the Maccabi Netanya football club.Maculata, a plant pathogen.Pronunciation edit Adjective edit teres ( genitive teretis third declension rounded polished smooth Inflection edit Third declension.