To build node-vegvesen run the following command inside the root directory of the sources: npm run-script build This will build a bundled file, and a bundled minified file under the dist directory.Alternative vegruter vil også bli benyttet for å begrense belastningen.The build script however does work, and can be testet today.

Log(data More examples can be found under the folder "examples methods, currently at the time of publishing this version of the module, this is the functions exposed by the API: definisjoner vegobjektTyper vegobjektTypeDefinisjon egenskapsTypeDefinisjon datakatalogVersjon vegobjekter vegobjekterAvGittType spesifiktVegobjekt sokegrensesnitt vegreferanse vegreferanseFraVeglenke vegreferanse veglenkeTilVegreferanse omrader regioner.There is also a prepublish hook in the package.E134 (Hordaland) County road 51 in Valdres See also References External links.

This is dictated by the specification of the API.Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.The Roads Assistant headed a department for roads engineering.