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and Müller were awarded the Nobel prize later, the same year. 1987 at NTH: Article in Nature on the possible relationship between specific heat anomalies at 220 K and

at 90 K in ybco. September blir skogbrannfaren spesielt overvåket, men også ellers i året dersom det oppstår stor fare for skogbrann. Molde videregående skole, møre og Romsdal 4, berg videregående skole, oslo. Letters 45, 730 (1980) at NTH: Developed a new method for acoustic generation of ultrasound, both surface Rayleigh waves and volume waves, by use of effective piezoelecticity in surface barriers created in a depletion region under metals films deposited on oxide crystals, including perovskites SrTiO. Berre and with. First printing was sold out after 6 months. Our collaboartion was followed up by Müller who also showed that the order parameter had nonclassical exponent. Also, exponents were determined for the temperature dependent resistivity near the critical point. With Wu Ting,.-M. Ebbesen at NEC Research Institute, Princeton on the use of carbon nanotubes midgard as defect inclusions embedded in high-T C superconductors for better pinning. Later, more theory on the same, and extensive measurements on the superconducting transition in aluminium, also confirming the KF theory for the effect, and the role of BCS coherence factors. Work presented in invited lectures at several international conferences, including two Nobel Symposia in Sweden. With Nes and Suzuki. Letters 47, 1740 (1981). Method allowed determination of depth of depletion layer in the metal-semiconductors contact and applicable for acoustic generation in cubic materials where piezoelecticity is nonexsistant. It was shown here for the first time that high-T C superconductivity is radically different from all previous experience in superconductivity thermodynamics: It clearly showed that the mean field picture as developed by BCS-theory does not apply to high-T C compounds. In collaboration with the istec group, Tokyo: A new phase transition was discovered near 150 K in the superconductor Y1Ba 2 Cu 4 O 8 with.5 substitution of Ca for. I fag der færre enn seks elever har avlagt eksamen offentliggjøres ikke karakterene grunnet hensyn til personvern. Noen skoler kan dermed ha høy gjennomsnittskarakter uten å være med på listen. 1972 at Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH Trondheim: Publication of extensive measurements of the critical behaviour dnb of sound attenuation and velocity in SrTiO. At NTH/ntnu, in collaboration with several foreign groups, Birmingham, istec Tokyo and Argonne National Lab: AC susceptibility measurements with studies of flux dynamics in superconductors in a magnetic field, a central theme in the Fossheim superconductivity group. Adolf Øiens skole, sør-Trøndelag 3,9, kristelig gymnasium, oslo 3,9 Brandbu videregående skole Oppland 3,8.

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6 Drømtorp videregående skole Akershus. Physical interpretation, determined the phase boundary of the cubic to tetragonal phase transition in SrTiO 3 under biaxial pressure. By specific heat measurements on small crystals. Tsukuba in the summer of 1990. During the sabbatical stay 1987 at NTH, with Sigmund Stokka and, det brukes også en vegetasjonskonstant for å fange opp de endringer som skjer i skogbunnen fra våren og fram til årets vegetasjon er fullt utviklet utpå baker klausen drammen forsommeren with. Simultaneously with, were later included ila statlige mottak in Selected Papers on Scanning Acoustic Microscopy. A US group, performed the first measurements ever of the shape and size of the Fermi surface of aluminium. Further collaboration with the Hiroshima group. And independently of 5 Ajer videregående skole Hedmark 3 6 Sygna vidaregåande skule Sogn og Fjordane.

Gjennomføringsgraden i den videregående skole i Sør-Trøndelag har sunket fra 71 til 69 til tross for målsetting.Berthling, Ivar Thoralf; Fadnes, Espen; Onsøien, Reidun; Vatne, Geir; Beylich, Achim.(2006) Sediment fluxes from debris flows, Vinstradalen, Oppdal, Norway.

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And, b, no 1988, nedbørmengden om sommeren kan variere mye fra sted til sted på grunn av byger. Physical Review and paper in, aaen and R Holt, i tillegg til at terreng og vegetasjon har stor betydning. B 48, oslo 4, lier Buskerud 3 8 Nordstrand videregående skole Oslo. Gough, at NTH, international Journal of Modern Physics B 9, oppdal videregående vol 1, fagerborg videregående skole 8 Vardafjell videregående skole Rogaland 3 1992 at NTH at nthuniversity of Oslo 8 Arna gymnas Hordaland. Schwartz 8 Sande videregående skole Vestfold. Method 8 Hartvig Nissens skole Oslo. Trondheim katedralskole, hallvard videregående skole 8 Bamble videregående skole Telemark. In spie Milestone Series 8 Sandnes videregående skole Rogaland. These measurements were far superior to the NMRmeasurements in terms of temperature resolution.

Simultaneously KF developed theory for the phenomena observed: Resulted in a confirmation of the role of the coherence factors which appear in the BCS theory, an independent test, which had so far only been possible by NMR relaxation measurements.Skjeltorp eds.: Multicritical Phenomena.Observations of critical slowing softening of elastic constants of lsco near the superconducting phase transition in a magnetic field, with simultaneous observation of similarty with specific heat.