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rocks magnor glassverk

a bright shining and timeless vase in three convenient sizes. The soft shapes and matte, autumnal colours are beautiful and timeless and these pieces will fit perfectly into

any Scandinavian-styled home. Cape invites you to stylish dinner parties and grand occasions. Halvor Bakke drew inspiration from his travels around the world and skyline was the artistic result of a trip to Shanghai. Pure steel is a stylish setting vintertreff in a shiny quality finish, and comes in eight pieces: knifte, fork, spoon, tea spoon, cake fork, cake server, salad spoon and salad fork. She lives with a life-sized crocodile sculpture on her living room floor, her favourite clothes feature leopard skin patterns and she has created a unique jewellery collection that reflects her passion for the wild. Tiljen vase / candle holder comes in two sizes and three painted colours; green forest, warm terracotta and golden honey. The glasses explore the idea of open/closedness, and can be used with or without wooden lids. Then, glassblowers in Magnor's glass hut magically inflate the eyes and fish inside the liquid crystal glass. The result is a range of glassware that highlights the content, aroma and flavour of your beer and is satisfyingly beautiful to use. She came across a beautiful drawing of an angel her son, August, signed when he was five years. Rocks consists of three elegant lamps, sophisticated lanterns and candleholders in gray smoke design. Drops is mouth blown and handcrafted by proud glassblowers and is dishwasher safe. Simply place a few of the lights together on the floor or on a table in order to create your own little forest. . Eye Bowl comes in the colour combinations blue/turquoise and multicolour.

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The light is held steadily in briller til barn the finsk til norsk candleholder. If there is insufficient air around your candle. Natures changing colours throughout the year inspire the vases.

Rocks, green are our range of elegant lanterns in a sophisticated dark green colour.Rocks series, which is also delivered in grey,.

She hopes that animals fine qualities will inspire you. This applies to each piece, generous are beautiful and luxurious pieces of bergen art glass. These skilled craftsmen bring a personal touch to each vase.

This is both practical we avoid the edges that can collect bacteria and elegant.Cleaning in the dishwasher, if your dishwasher has a gentle program, it may be beneficial to use this (50- 55 degrees).The skyline series is a clean and sleek series designed by Halvor Bakke that is now being offered in white colored glass.