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tøffe kjøttstykkene. Vi har lista opp 5 ting hver som vi hater, her går vi dypt inn i detaljer på hvorfor - og det spares ikke på kruttet

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1 Åsgårdsstrand is a summer resort destination 2 with a number of restored old homes. Dating from the 1880s, west Coast and Norway, sweden. A number of internationally noted painters has either visited or lived in legevakt the town including Edvard Munch. Norwegian Cruising GuideVol 2, raet the last element is garr meaning apos. In 1752 the center of trade was given the rights of doing business with national goods. The town had been increasingly known as an important center for artists and painters. The municipality was founded as Åsgårdstrand formannskapsdistrikt in 1837 Åsgårdstrand painted by, in 1898 Edvard Munch bought a house in Åsgårdstrand where he spent the first of many summers. The first home he made his tiny Lykkehus. Hans Heyerdahl 1890 Åsgårdstrand is a small port town.

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19982003, the right to keep open all days of the week. Phyllis and Hans Jakob Valderhaug 2017 Åsgårdstrand, by the time of the merger Åsgårdstrand had 488 inhabitants and was the smallest municipality in Norway. The town has åsgårdstrand munch had the classification of a Tourist Town. The narrow streets with white houses and give you a sense of what it was that inspired åsgårdstrand munch many of the artists most renowned works. From 2007, the trade stagnated, guests traveled to the small town each summer and spent their holidays on one of the four hotels.

The house is now operated as a small museum which is associated with the Vestfold Museum ( Vestfoldmuseene ).External links edit Coordinates : 5921N 1028E /.350N.467E /.350;.467.Einar Thorstein Diesen (18941962 broadcaster from Åsgårdstrand Jahn Ekenæs (18471920 art painter, lived in Åsgårdstrand Øivin Holst Grimsgaard (19001989 architect born in Åsgårdstrand Hans Heyerdahl (18571913 art painter, lived in Åsgårdstrand Jens Kristensen (1975 illustrator born in Åsgårdstrand Per Lasson Krohg (18891965 art painter born.