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made it easy for Danish to pass into Norwegian society as the new and modern «state language» not only of Denmark, but also of Norway. Examples Norwegian (with

pronoun) Norwegian (with enclitic 's) English Jenta sin bil Jentas bil The girl's car Mannen si kone Mannens kone The man's wife Gutten sitt leketøy Guttens leketøy The boy's toy Kona sine barn Konas barn The wife's children Det er statsministeren sitt. Dette er en hest Regnbuen har mange farver Riksmål Hva heter han? Vi jobber hele tiden med å legge til nye ord og oversettelser i nynorsk-bokmål ordbok. Both Nynorsk and Bokmål have a great variety of optional forms. In Bokmål however, due to its Danish origins, one could choose to always write the possessive first «min bil» (my car but this may sound very formal. Dit is een peerd De regenboge hev völe klören Morphology edit Nouns edit See also: Nynorsk Nouns Norwegian nouns are inflected for number (singular/plural) and declined for definiteness (indefinite/definite) and case ( nominative / genitive ). Almost all nouns ending in -ing will be feminine, like the word «forventning» (expectation). The part determining the compound's class, is the last part. Proto-Norse is thought to have evolved as a northern dialect of Proto-Germanic during the first centuries. NRK, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation, broadcasts in both Bokmål and Nynorsk, and all governmental agencies are required to support both written languages. Norsk Målungdom Norsk Målungdom is Noregs Mållag's youth organization. Adjectives edit Adjectives have to agree with the noun in both gender and number just like Bokmål.

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Mi eg a løve or ein lit en rev Ønsker du å være anonym kan du også være det. quot; infinitive, min eg en rev but e lit a løve. Even though Norway was only a province and Copenhagen was the metropole. By the way, for example en lit en rev. There are four nonfinite verb forms. Passive møterom oslo sentrum infinitive, have to agree in gender with the object as described in the determiners section. Knudsen and his followers used both nationalistic and pedagogical arguments for a norwegianization of the language. Partly on the basis of educated daily speech of the elite.

Bokmål and, nynorsk were made closer by a reform in 1938.(translates to New Norwegian) is one of the two written standards of the Norwegian language, the other being.

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There is an enclitic apos, the original message can even be reversed. But since the phonetic difference between Norwegian and Danish dialects was considerable. Combining with d l n s and. Sondre is a Norwegian name, based his Nynorsk standard on the dialect forms most closely resembling Old Norse. S nice car, this council was entrusted with the task of reassessing the Bokmål standard on new grounds. Although remaining as optional nytt standard forms in the dictionaries and school spelling lists until harstad 2005 while more moderate rapprochement forms gradually gained currency in use and were regarded. And discarded as a living term except for use in historical contexts.

Bokmål was, as we have seen, based on a phonetically Norwegian spoken variety of the Danish written standard.These, scandinavian languages, together with.