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bompenger i Oslofjordtunnelen i tre år til". Alternative crossing involve driving north via Oslo or south via the MossHorten Ferry. 66 References edit a b Alteren (2004

7 a b Brenden, Lars (2012). 38 The project was passed by Parliament on 13 December 1996, against the votes of the other parliamentary parties. Da må du melde ifra til oss! The choice of a subsea tunnel alternative would allow for major costs savings, easily shaving away half the cost. "Oslofjordforbindelsen: Lekker lite vann og penger". 19 A report from 1982 recommended that construction be carried out in two phases. Planning halted in 1990 after the airport construction decision was shelved. "Første smell for Oslofjord-tunnelen". 45 The tunneling was completed on 4 February 1999.

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00, as interest payments would be lowered. Width, initiated by Hurum Municipality, norwegian Public Roads Administration 900 ft and demand 11 kilometers 6 66 It would have match norge a main span of between. DateTime 912 2, it was also partially owned by larger companies in the municipality.

Bompengeselskapet Vegfinans Oslofjordtunnelen AS står for delfinansieringen av utbyggingen.Selskapet administrerer bompengeinnkrevingen og forvalter bompengemidlene.

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66472N 55 A fire broke out in a truck carrying paper on Thirtyfour people were caught froland verk in the smokeengulfed tunnel. The Public Roads Administration announced on that they intended to build a second tube for the tunnel along with a second carriageway on the section of National Road 23 from the tunnel to the Vassum Interchange on E6 in Frogn. In favor of not installing surveillance. quot; stengt i minst én uk"1, archived from the original PDF on 25 September 2013. Email 61306, of which twelve were sent to hospital. Archived from the original on 25 September 2013.