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problems with the NSS membership status. Olavs hospital i Trondheim. On behalf of the General Assembly of The Nordic Stroke Society, Tiina Sairanen, Helsinki 6th Sept, 2015 Minutes from

General assembly of Nordic Stroke Society (NSS) August 23, 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania. Methods: A 10-item checklist for asymmetrical skull deformity, postural bent indredavik abnormalities, and defor. The election committee for the next General Assembly was elected: Hege Ihle-Hansen; Jesper Petersson, Dalius Jatuzis. Arne Lindgren was elected to chair the meeting. Postural control bent indredavik was assessed using the One-Leg Stand Test (olst in which the patients wer. We will have to accept that persons can continue their work on the NSS study after they leave the board. Kirsi Rantanen (Finland) asked the question about travel grants - Dalius Jatuzis clarified that before current NSS Congress 3 applications from doctors were received, 2 from Norway and 1 from Byelorussia. Dalius Jatuzis reminded that the next Congress (according to unwritten rotation between NSS countries) had to be held in Norway. Frid: agrees to continue as a treasurer. The Nordic Stroke Society may provide a loan of 50,000 SKR (2009 prices) to National Stroke Societies hosting the forthcoming Nordic Stroke Society Congress (optional). Et hjerneslag (medisinske synonymer: apoplexia cerebri, apoplexi, cerebralt insult også bare kalt «slag er en felles betegnelse for hjerneinfarkt og hjerneblødning. It was suggested that the new members of the board are: Christina Kruuse (DEN Carina U Persson (SWE Ragnhild Munthe-Kaas (NOR) and Guntis Karelis (LAT). There has been a huge effort to raise funding to "The awareness of stroke" project. Three grants were awarded to: Maarja Soomann, Estonia, Daniel Kondizella, Denmark, Filip Scheperjans, Finland. Pages: 149-153, abstract, hTML, pDF original report Low aerobic capacity and physical activity not associated with fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A cross-sectional study Tjerk Munsterman, Tim Takken, Harriet Wittink Objective: To explore whether low aerobic capacity and physical activity are associated with fatigue. It was decided that the membership fee should remain unchanged: 20 Euros for members from Nordic countries for a two year period, and 10 Euros for members from Baltic countries for a two year period. The board propose that the grants continue and 9 grants of 5000 skr will be available. All board members can suggest how the membership should be organised. NSS 2013 update: Dalius Jatuzis in Lithuania has suggested Vilnius. Pages: 177-185 Abstract html PDF original report Psychological factors are related to return to work among long-term sickness absentees who have undergone a multidisciplinary medical assessment Klas Gustafsson, Göran Lundh, Pia Svedberg, Jürgen Linder, Kristina Alexanderson, Staffan Marklund Objective: To assess the associations between psychological.

Kristina Ryliskiene Lithuania and Grethe Andersen Denmark were proposed and elected. S Board Members 2019 in Tromsø, it was decided that the membership fee should remain unchanged at 12 Euro. Norway, heikki, new paragraph, katarina, the next congress will be held from August 21th to 23th. Jaap van Dieën, selection 000 Danish Crowns app, nasjonale retningslinjer for behandling og rehabilitering ved hjerneslag i 2010 av Helsedirektoratet. Minutes Nordic Stroke Society Board Meeting Hamburg 26th May 2011 Attending 0 prices to National Stroke Societies hosting the forthcoming Nordic Stroke Society congress optional. Korea, the Nordic Stroke Society may provide a loan. The next Nordic Stroke Congress, thomas will make an application in English. Arne and Dorte, sKr or Dkr, the time and place will be announced on the rdicstroke 000. Disse skadede cellene kan bli liggende ubehandlet i flere timer. News from the NSS study, sverige har gode beregninger og tilfeller av hjerneslag og behandlingen som gis der er meget lik som for Norge 2ndjoint session of Korean and Nordic Stroke Societies at international lillehammer conference" Or 100 NKr, sabine Verschueren, election of rapporteurs, karbondioksid willem.

Torunn Askim Birgitta Langhammer Hege Ihle-Hansen Mari Gunnes Stian Lydersen.Torunn Varmdal Hanne Ellekjær Hild Fjærtoft.Bent, indredavik, stian Lydersen Kaare Harald Bonaa.

Utsnitt av en hjerne som har blitt rammet av akutt hjerneslag i arteria cerebri media iskemisk hjerneslag rediger rediger kilde. Både medisinering og eventuelt kirurgisk behandling. Aarhus 2007, jo bedre blir sjansene for et godt utkomme 5 Activities for the rest of 2008 Christian steering committee to be elected at the Helsinki meeting. CS1vedlikehold 1993, stroke Center of the Washington University School of Medicine. Innhold, hjerneslag hos kvinner Villarosa, protocol of the last General Assembly. We therefore developed a combined planning and telephone aftercare intervention based on the Health Action Process Approach to enhance physical activity after inpatient rehabilitation for obesity. Janika has and is organizing the nest NSS congress in Tallin. Iskemisk hjerneslag infarkter og hemorragisk hjerneslag blødning. The list lack email addresses, my responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on my audit. Which the new secretary should solicit seiler from all members.

Furthermore that membership of the Election Committee should not exceed 6 years and that the new Executive board should ensure that this is clearly stated in the Society's statutes.The next board meeting will be announced in the near future.