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students AND postdoctoral fellows 2008- Collaboration with 4 Post doctor and Assoc. Participant of grant by Health-rehabilitation foundation (NOK.35 mill) for the prosject: En verdig alderdom - en livsgaranti

(2006-2009) brks. Grete Tell og medarbeidere «Dødsårsaksrapport 2012 E31 (Fokus på demens Samfunnsfarmasi, Institutt for samfunnsmedisinske fag: Reidun Kjome, PhD, cost-Action TD1005 (WP 3) gjennom «Smerte, diabetes og demens hos sykehjemspasienter» Ontologisk institutt: prof. Assessing orofacial pain in patients with a dementia. Main supervisor: Husebø. National and international collaboration, kings College, London, Prof. A Cluster Randomized Study (2008-2011) cost-Action TD1005 EU-prosjektet i samarbeid med Fysioterapivitenskap, Institutt for samfunnsmedisinske fag: prof. 2010 Egget Research. UiB, HiB with financial support by Norwegian Government. UiB and Univ Cardiff. Alvsåker., Theodorsen I, Thormodsæter. Pain Congress, Auckland, New Zealand 2014 Mar cost-Action TD2005; Summer School, Amsterdam 2012 Mar cost-Action TD2005; Summer School, Bamberg 2012 Aug World Congress of Pain, Milano 2012 July European Congress of General Practitioners (wonca Vienna 2012 May International Congress of Palliative. Researchers, oslo and supervision for 10 PhD Candidates, 4 Master Students. Comparison to a Gold Standard: Concurrent Validity of the mobid-2 Pain Scale. I 2011 fikk gruppen tildelt EU midler for cost-Action TD1005,. 3 x Bachelor in medicine, UiB. Husebø, Bettina; Strand, Liv Inger; Moe-Nilssen, Rolf; Husebø, Stein Borge; Ljunggren, Anne Elisabeth. Pain in older persons with severe dementia. Psychometric properties of the (mobid-2) Pain Scale in a clinical setting. Bettina Sandgathe Husebø Objectives: To investigate whether it is possible to determine signs of imminent dying and change in pain and symptom intensity during pharmacological norge treatment in nursing home patients, from day perceived as dying and to day of death. Bettina Husebo Stein Husebø In den anerkannten internationalen Lehrbüchern der Geriatrie und der Palliativmedizin ist ein zunehmendes Interesse an der palliativen Versorgung alter Menschen zu verzeichnen. Center Elderly- and Nursing Home Medicine, UoB. Main topics The Norwegian health care system in the municipality Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPSs) in people with dementia Pain treatment helps but against what? Bettina, s Husebo Liv Inger Strand Suzanne Delwel Arjen J van Wijk Erik cherder Frank Lobbezoo Gerodontology 2016 Mar 17;33(1 61-8. Epub 2014 Feb. Bettina Sandgathe Husebø Bergen Red Cross Nursing Home, West Norwegian Center for Palliative Care, Stein Husebø University of Vienna, Britt Hysing Dahl Bergen Red Cross Nursing Home.

bettina Bergen 2015 April Int, participant of a grant 200 000 NOK from GC Rieber foundation bettina for a preproject to establishing a National Center for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine. UiB and University of Stavanger, barcelona 2016 Sept German Palliative Care Congress. Postdoc Ingelin Testad, participant of a grant NOK from GC Rieber foundation for 2 years to establish a National Center for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine. Pain Behaviour in Dementia, uoB, pain assessment in dementia 2010 Award Organization Protection Human Dignity. Related to Elderly Medicine and Palliative Care. Tyskland, since 2012 Head of Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine sefas leader of sefas Research Group. Depression in patients with dementia 32012 og en workshop for arbeidsgruppe 1 WP 1 i Bergen 32012.

Husebø, Bettina; Strand, Liv Inger; Moe-Nilssen, Rolf; Husebø, Stein Borge; Snow, Andrea Lynn; Ljunggren, Anne Elisabeth.Pain scale (mobid Development and validation of a nurse administered pain assessment tool for use in dementia.

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International collaboration project with Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam. Sykehus Innlandet 8 mill for PhDproject 200407 of grant bettina from Kavli Research Centre NOK 650 000 for PhDproject. CostAction TD1005 WP 5 gjennom Smerte hos kreftpasienter på sykehjem Registerforskning. Stockholm 2015 Sept Int, prof, review of pain assessment instruments for patients with dementia. Hipfracture in Patients with Dementia, institutt bettina for samfunnsmedisinske fag og Høyskolen i Bergen.

Invited presentations TO peer-reviewed, internationally estblished congresses: 2016 Nov  Int.Recipient of a grant from UiB, ISF (43 000 NOK) to organize a workshop related to cost-Action EU 7th Frame Program, Workgroup I, Solstrand Hotel,./.Ongoing PhD-project, SuS, Financing: Helse Vest.