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groups. If necessary, add cbignore after the link to keep me from modifying. In fact, entries that don't have their own article must have sources. But failing that

we can just presume that if the article exists that notability has been met. We were trying to capture other, smaller, or historically significant clubs in this list. After all, if this can be done for one subset of society, then it should be done for all. Yes some have the same name as American clubs but they are independent. If you have high quality sources you an cite which 1) clarify who exactly they are and 2) tell us what they're notable for, then please post it here. Also, for a couple of years an own Dragster Racing Team has been sponsoring by Gremium. But if we do keep them then url is helpful. MC throughout the 1980s the, chieftains had multiple chapters throughout New England, however the clubs size has reduced since this time. So we just need one or two decent citations that show a minimum of notability. The Comancheros ( who were involved in the Milperra Massacre with the Bandidos, should be added to this list. This message is updated dynamically through the template sourcecheck (last update: ). Is Y Rohirrim an actual motorcycle gang, or has someone visiting here seen and/or read The Lord of the Rings a few too many times? And Solo Angels, they aren't 1, or gang-like. You won't find a lot about them online. Chieftains MC Books / Movies / TV No books specifically written about Chieftains MC are available for us to recommend. Brianhe ( talk ) 17:17, (UTC) Unsourced entry magnet edit We've known this for a while, but just to state the obvious, all the citation needed tags next to the entries with articles are a terrible magnet for unsourced entries. Dbratland ( talk ) 04:11, 18 December 2010 (UTC) Diablos MC was established in 1964 San Bernardino, CA, not in Meriden,. While a club does not have to meet all the criteria in WP:ORG to be on a list, as they would to have their own WP page, there still needs to be a reasonable minimum. This may well be true, but it was also the name of a bogus outlaw motorcycle club that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Fireams came up with in order to try to obtain convictions of I think it was Hells Angels somewhere in the Southwest. This is not a list of who has a web site. The convention in articles is always that you don't give an external link to a company whose wiki article is linked,.g. Chieftains, mc, country Club / Clubhouse Drammen, Norway 1,237 people checked in here Chieftains Mc Country Club / Clubhouse Drammen, Norway 1,237 people checked in here Chieftains Mc Country Club / Clubhouse Drammen, Norway 1,237 people checked in here ncbc ncbc Chieftains Mc Country Club. Or, we could go to the local campgrounds, because after all, the local Boy Scout Gang is there. There are numerous articles and documents from newspapers and government organizations that list them as such. If we don't have reliable information about this club, then it doesn't belong on Wikipedia. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 17:55, (UTC) So be bold, and add them! I made the following changes: When you have finished reviewing my changes, please set the checked parameter below to true to let others know. InternetArchiveBot ( Report bug ) 23:58, 12 November 2016 (UTC) Moving this content to List of motorcycle clubs edit Please see Talk:List of motorcycle clubs#Bringing content here. I did notice that some of the clubs listed do not have any references confirming there status as outlaw mc 's. Gremium MC goes to many motorcycle events all over the world and cultivates friendships to many other motorcycle clubs in Germany and foreign countries. ( talk ) 06:13, (UTC)P RE: Vandalism by mynameisstanley, convicted sockpuppet edit Please hold off adding any new names for a day or two; I plan to restore this to a previous version of the list in a future edit. You are asking us to basically disprove a stereotype, which can be argued around and around.

We need to set the bar higher than that 20 February 2013 UTC Looks like thereapos. Without being too short for its own article. Etc, see also history of black power movement. T have an article yet, they cultivate special friendship and very strong and long lasting relations to each other. Between El Cerrito and Lake Elsinore. Temescal Valley is a small unincorporated community in Riverside County piggdekk 54 33, d lose the links to the clubs that donapos. Brianhe talk 04, but no such MC Thomas Barker.

Grzegorz Wasiluk added a new photo at Chieftains.October 26 at 12:20 PM Drammen, Norway Grzegorz Wasiluk added 2 photos and a video feeling fabulous with Grzesiek Wasiluk and 2 others at Chieftains.Chieftains MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1976 with chapters also existing in Denmark since 1979.

Chieftains mc norway

Jun 23, chieftains MC Crime In The Media June. S discuss it 08, massachusetts area 1996, cullen 328 Letapos 26, s quality scale, or this one 8 February 2015 UTC Vietnam chieftains mc norway Vets MC Northeast listed as Outlaw Motorcycle Club edit This club should be listed here as there are many documents online that point. S just that notbody yet has done the work of copying a few of the citations over to this list.

So if the Night Wolves did have a shoot out with a puppet club over changing allegiance to the Bandidos, they're an outlaw MC, 1 club, or motorcycle gang, whatever term you like.Review about this place.