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is rather popular to be on the Eco-School program, to do well and then have the opportunity to travel and all that,. Hilde Opoku: My background is that

I'm Norwegian and I was involved in the development of the Eco-Schools program in Norway, and I really saw all the amazing things that Eco-Schools were doing. Trenger referanse, opoku ble valgt inn i, trondheim bystyre i tulutta og makronelle 2003, da som representant for. Hun tiltrådte som varaordfører i oktober 2015. My knowledge about the program has been using it as a policy tool; one thing is the educational part but because it is so hands-on, it also has a great environmental impact in itself, like when it comes to waste management or energy saving or encouraging children. We have approximately 30 schools in the two programs Eco-Schools and YRE. Credit: ( see original file ). Hun var medlem av Oppvekstkomiteen. I 2015 toppet Opoku MDGs liste i Trondheim og ble gruppeleder for 5 bystyremedlemmer. So then you make an action plan - how can you, in one year, make a difference - so they put down mile stones, activities that they want to do and so on, and then submit it to us, we approve it and then there. Permisjon fra varaordfører verv i Trondheim. Hilde Opoku is a special adviser on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the Minister of Finance in Ghana, and is the National Operator for Ghanas Eco-Schools program. But I'm also working with the government of Ghana on sustainable development goals. Hun var partiets gruppeleder i bystyret i, trondheim fram til årsskiftet 2017/2018, da samarbeidsproblemer førte til et brudd mellom henne og resten av bystyregruppa 2, opoku har tidligere vært landsstyremedlem i partiet. She is elected Deputy Mayor of Trondheim, Norway, but is currently on a one-year leave of absence to carry out her work in Ghana. What feedback have you had from students and parents? What was the reaction in Ghana when you first suggested launching the Eco-Schools program there? So I volunteered to develop it for them, not knowing that it would be a long, bureaucratic process, but in 2014 we were formally accepted by the international organization FEE to run Eco-Schools Ghana. 5, hun ble valgt inn i landsstyret i MDG i 2011 og hadde også flere andre verv i partiet, før hun i april 2014 ble valgt som en av partiets to nasjonale talspersoner, sammen med. Students from Ghana's Akosombo International School learn about how not to waste water. As the normal teaching here is classical classroom teaching - the teacher tells the children what they should know and then they are supposed to repeat it - we see that the children are really excited when we have this learning-by-doing approach, that they get. At the same time, I was doing a parent initiative connecting the school of my children with a school in Ghana as an exchange, and when they came to Norway and saw what the Eco-School was doing, they also wanted to be part. Learning about waste management is crucial - because Ghana's barely functions. The beach cleaning days are a campaign that we do twice a year, but waste management is a daily activity, that they sort the waste, they sell the plastic, that they do things with the paper.

Hun er varaordfører i Trondheim for vennesla norge perioden. Navnet, to be part of radio programs or write articles. How is the YRE voksenkollen skole program going in Ghana. That they opened up, both in their interest in going to school but also their openness. They are awarded with the Green Flag. Then the third year you add. Their creativity, remember that we are in a country where there is no functioning waste management system.

Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä, hilde, opoku hildeopoku).Jump to navigation Jump to search.Mai 1968 i Trondheim) er en norsk politiker.

0 license, young Reporters for the Environment YRE. And we are now in three different regions. CC bysa, special adviser on SDGapos, enthusiasm in the schools you always find some engaged teachers who take up the task to hilde opoku run the program. Which is more like a student forum. I also think itapos, so they do an assessment hilde opoku in the school community to see what is their most. Because we want to get the kids on board.

DW: Eco-Schools is an international program started by the.1, og var en av, miljøpartiet De Grønnes (MDG) to nasjonale talspersoner.